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    Once you're part of the staking crypto community, you will get your own referal link

  2. 2. Fill in your own affiliate links

    For each platform we support, just grab your referral link and save it in your profile

  3. 3. Share your personal link

    Every time a new user comes from your link and signin to one of the exchange, he becomes your affiliate and you earn money

How does it work?

It's very simple. When a new user comes through your personnal link, a small file (called a cookie) will be created in the browser. This file will contain YOUR affiliate ID and will remain forever (unless the user cleans its cookies).

Whenever this user finds a good rate on the website and clicks on the corresponding exchange, the website will automatically replace my affiliation link with yours. If the user registers , he will become your affiliate and you will earn some passive income.

How much can I make?

Well it depends on 3 main things


The more traffic you manage to drive to the website, the more potential affiliates you can get.


This is my job here, I optimize the page so that users find what they want on the website and click on the exchange. For now, conversion rate is around 10%.


Exchanges give you either

  • a percentage of the transaction fees your affiliate generate
  • a percentage of the rewards your affiliate earn

This means that if you get one whale in your affiliates, that puts $500,000 staked at 10% and you get 10% of its rewards, you can make $5,000 just by having shared a link.

Awesome, right!