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Hi, my name is Martin Ratinaud. I'm the creator of

I've been farming airdrops for the past 6 months and I've realized how difficult it is to:

  • find airdrops that are safe
  • find airdrops that are profitable
  • keep track of all the airdrops you've participated in
  • keep track of all the actions you've done for each airdrop

I also realized that when you do, the money you generate can be massive.

Being a developer, I decided to create a tool that would help me with all of this and save me time while earning good money.

I'm currently polishing it and couldn't wait to share it with you at an exclusive price.


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What’s included

  • Curated List of airdrops

  • Effortless Airdrop Tracking Tool

  • Claim Alerts

  • Private Telegram channel

  • "Action needed" Alerts

  • Satisfied or refunded. No questions asked.

  • Detailed explanation + support group

  • Lifetime price

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What's an Airdrop?

An airdrop in the cryptocurrency world refers to the free distribution of new tokens or coins, usually to the wallets of existing holders of a specific blockchain currency. Airdrops are used as a marketing strategy to increase awareness and ownership of the cryptocurrency project, encouraging its adoption and use.

My First Airdrop Gain

My journey into the world of airdrops began with an unexpected $400~ gain (100 tokens at $4). I was staking ATOM and received an airdrop of DYM tokens. I had no idea what DYM was, nor that staking ATOM would make me eligible for this airdrop but I instantly understood the potential for it.

Currently Watched Airdrops

As of now, I'm keeping a close eye on 50+ airdrops, some simple, some complicated. This diverse portfolio of upcoming airdrops spans across various blockchain platforms and includes a mix of well-established projects and promising new entrants. Monitoring this many airdrops requires a systematic approach, including the use of specialized tracking tools and active participation in the crypto community to stay informed about the latest developments. This is very time consuming and that's why I created this tool you definitely should get your hands on now!