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Spendable 13% passive income with stable coins

Passive income is definitely something everybody on the web should be looking into.

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Nowadays, crypto is everywhere and you may know one "crypto millionaire" (either IRL or online) who can testify that it works (I do!).

Well, I'd say it's not that easy though and all those people I met usually have taken huge risks to achieve this (like: sell their house, car, and put all-in on a crypto which made x1000)

For me, this is truly impossible and I can't put my family at risk like that. But still, I want and need that passive income to launch my side business.

And I'm sure you need this too!

A secure and simple strategy

So, here is the most secure and simple strategy I found and that I use today to earn interests. Either:

  • 13% APY (APY means you reinvest the money you're earning and earn compound interests out of it)

With this simple strategy, if you invest:

  • 10,000USD -> you can get ~3.5USD per day (a coffee!)
  • 50,000USD -> you can get ~18USD per day (live in Katmandou or Pekanbaru)
  • 100,000USD -> you can get ~36USD per day (live in Phuket or Cancùn)

So, how do I do that, then?

Well, by using one very interesting feature provided by blockchain developers: staking!

And what is staking?

Staking is holding coins in a wallet to earn rewards. Your coins are used to validate transactions on the blockchain and so the blockchain is paying you for that. This is basically like putting your money on a bank account and getting interests out of it.

Here is what you need to do. It should take 10 to 20min.

  1. Subscribe on Binance (This is the biggest crypto exchange)
  2. Apply for the Binance Visa Card
  3. Buy BUSD (it's a crypto)
  4. Transfer them to Earnpark (The crypto exchange providing the best interest rates on stable coins)
  5. Collect your rewards in USDT (another crypto that mimic the price of the USD) every day on Earnpark
  6. Swap (exchange) your USDT against BUSD (as transfer rate is 10 times cheaper)
  7. Send back BUSD to Binance when you want
  8. Spend them with your Binance Visa Card

Why Earnpark?

  • They provide the best interest rates I've found on the web for Stable Coins, while distributing rewards daily.

Why Binance?

  • It's easy to use and really mainstream.
  • They just re-enabled SEPA transfers, which makes putting your money there very easy and FREE
  • Their Visa card works like a charm (I currently use it in Mauritius) and fees are really small
  • Also, if you own BNB (the coin provided by Binance) on their platform, you can also get up to 8% cashback while using the card.


  • It is a stable coin approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services , and launched by Binance
  • 1BUSD ~= 1USD, so your money will not lose value if there is a big crash on the crypto market
  • It runs on the BSC blockchain which is very cheap. Transferring money from Earnpark to Binance is less than 1% fees.
  • Transferring money on the Ethereum network for example can be more than 20USD per transaction (regardless of the amount sent 😱)

Now, I know, 13% is not that good and you sure can get 20,000% (yes, that big) or even more on farming strategies and do not hesitate to ask me on my Telegram if you wish to get a tutorial for that. But as volatility is extreme right now and we're not in a bull market anymore, I would not suggest to risk your life savings on these kind of strategies right now :-)

Of course, this is NOT AN ADVICE, just the strategy I use right now, but I hope it can suit your needs also.

PS: If you want even better rates or want to hold some coins you're sure will rise one day when the bull market returns, you can pick the best platform to stake on using my online comparator

PPS: Finally, when you live of from your passive income, you can also find your best place on earth, based on your hobbies using my other awesome tool for people urging to expatriate Remote Family

Written by Martin Ratinaud

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