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Crypto and expatriation: 4 top countries to live in 🗺

⚠️ All information written in this blog post is subject to changes as regulation over crypto is in constant change.

Do not forget to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing


3 criterias

First, here are the 3 most important criterias to take into account to pick your expatriation country qhen you're into crypto.

Is the country crypto-friendly?

Some governments are more or less hostile to the development of cryptos and new technologies in general.

This is the case of China which, overnight, decided to ban all crypto transactions.

Other countries such as El Salvador have recognised Bitcoin as an official currency and payment instrument.

It will therefore be necessary to favour countries that are more open to the development of cryptos to avoid having to change countries in the future.

What is the applicable taxation?

This is the criterion that drives many French residents doing crypto out of the country.

Depending on your structuring, your crypto activities can be taxed up to 66% in France.

Knowing and analysing the taxation applicable to cryptos in the country you want to expatriate to is paramount.

You have to ask yourself the right questions like:

  • What will be the applicable tax depending on my strategy? (long, medium or short term strategy)

  • Should I invest in my own name or in a company?

  • Are cryptos taxed in a separate category? (like in France, for example)

Are there any restrictions on trading platforms?

Some countries make the choice to restrict access to exchange platforms.

It will be necessary to ensure access to the 3 common types of transactions: buy, sell and trade.

Another important point is opening an account on a trading platform.

It is possible that you will encounter difficulties in opening an account on a platform, which takes into account your place of residence for the opening.

Even if you already have an account, you should make sure that there are no restrictions, as it is common for platforms to verify information to maintain your account.

On every coin page of, you will find the restricted countries for each exchange.

1. Portugal

  • 💶 Cost of living: 1,471$ (Lisbon)
  • 🌐 Internet: 26Mbps
  • 👅 Language: Portuguese, English (top)

Portugal is:

  • incredible quality of life
  • sunshine more than 300 days a year
  • delicious food.

What more could you ask for? 🤷

💸 Taxation applicable to cryptos:

Portugal has not legislated any taxation applicable to activities surrounding cryptocurrency. Therefore, for the time being, there is no taxation on these gains.

However, if you carry out day-trading, the tax authorities may consider you as a professional and therefore subject you to taxation and tax you as such.

If you choose Portugal, you should bear in mind that the legislation can change overnight, even if this does not seem to be the priority of the Portuguese authorities at the moment.

2. Germany

  • 💶 Cost of living: $1,894 (Berlin)
  • 🌐 Internet:** 48Mbps**
  • 👅 Language: German, English (top)

Europe's leading power, Germany is a great place to live.

Its capital Berlin is one of the favourite destinations for expats.

The cost of living in Berlin is close to that of major French cities.

The German government has positioned itself favourably on the development of cryptocurrencies and has therefore legislated favourably on the applicable taxes.

If you want to stay on the border with France, Germany is a good option.

💸 Taxation applicable to cryptos:

For tax purposes, Germany recognises cryptos as a private currency, so its taxation is particularly interesting.

  • Crypto held for more than 1 year: more value exempted

  • Crypto held for less than 1 year: capital gain taxed at 26% with an allowance of 600€ on the tax base.

3. Malta

  • 💶 Cost of living: $1,894 (Sliema)
  • 🌐 Internet: 27 Mbps
  • 👅 Language: Maltese, English (top)

Do you know why it is nicknamed the "Bitcoin Island"?

Because since 2017, more than $71 billion in crypto has passed through the island of Malta.

If you want to move to an archipelago with

  • an incredible quality of life
  • 300 days of sunshine a year and (very) low taxation
  • Malta is a great choice.

There is a strong crypto community here, so it's ideal for networking.

💸 Taxation applicable to cryptos:

The Maltese government has taken a stand in favour of the development of cryptocurrency on the island. Therefore, the taxation there is advantageous.

  • Transactions on cryptos held on a long-term basis: no taxation.
  • Carrying on a professional activity: if carried on in a company, subject to Maltese corporate tax (from 0% to 10% effective taxation)

The difficulty therefore lies in defining whether or not you are carrying on a professional activity in your operations.

A more complete analysis of your activities should be carried out with a professional.

4. Mauritius ❤️

  • 💶 Cost of living: $2,289 (Sliema)
  • 🌐 Internet: 100 Mbps
  • 👅 Language: French, English

Here is the jewel of the Indian Ocean, an island of 2040km² bordered by turquoise blue lagoons.

If you wish to settle in the tropics with

  • an exceptional quality of life
  • A very advantageous tax system
  • A paradise for water sports and nature

A good crypto community and many crypto millionaires live here, it's ideal to meet new people and develop your business.

💸 Taxation applicable to cryptos:

The Mauritian government does not yet have explicit rules on crypto-currencies. Therefore, it is possible to send and receive money from crypto platforms directly on the country's largest bank.

If you want to expatriate here, feel free to email me, or even better, ping me on @stakingcryptoio, it will be a pleasure to recommend people who help expats settle in.


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