I tried staking USDT on Microtrade AI and it earns

Hi All, I'm Martin, creator of and today, I want to talk to you about a website I recently discovered during my endless search for easy passive income (even though it is not considered staking crypto and more earning).

This tool is and I will review in this article why I find it super cool and how I'm currently earning $30/month while having invested only $300.

I drive your attention on the fact that giving that high rewards is definitely suspicious. This strategy, yet getting very high rewards may end up in the full loss of your investments. So Do Your Own Research

How I discovered

Well, they contacted me first by email, in May 2023 and as always, when being contacted, I got very cautious.

Microtrade is a trading AI company focused only on stablecoins. With this unique approach, the AI is as accurate, efficient and most importantly safe as possible.

I thus did extensive research and talked with Li Chan (Product and Marketing manager) on Telegram.

Everything seemed legit (but Do Your Own Research).

  • Company MicroAlgoTrading Inc LTD incorporated in Hong Kong
  • Company funded in 2019 (So quite old already)
  • Real people you can contact 🤣
  • Strategy focuses on stablecoins. This is a game-changer by the way, as it provides a more predictable and safe trading environment.

So I decided to give it a go.

Pros and Cons of


  • Centralized: You have to transfer crypto to them. And if they close or cancel withdrawals, you're screwed
  • Withdraw Free only once a month, else 1.9% of deposit Free withdrawal
  • Need $50 at least
  • Their social accounts are quite empty with very few followers


  • Easy crypto top-up: Use Stable coins on any chain, BTC or ETH Balance Top Up
  • Double your investment in 10 months only
  • Passive Income added to your balance daily
  • Withdraw anytime (free once a month)
  • Join Trading Pool in one click and begin earning passive income
  • Available support 24/7
  • Generous affiliate program: Get a daily commission on the capital you raise (See below)

My review of

TLDR: I love it and already earn passive income from it

I started with $300 on 2023, October 25th and directly put the money in the trading pool with one click.

  • Here are my earnings on month 1: $35.15 Earnings Month 1

  • On month 2: $40.91 Earnings Month 2

  • On month 3: $46.6 while withdrawing $79 Earnings Month 3

This all worked out in a breeze and I received my crypto back on my Metamask wallet.

Here is the sum up of my investment for 125$ profit in 3 month with $300 invested

Earnings Overall

And finally, withdrawing took only a couple of hours


So this is indeed very great and I will top up to $1000 by the end of the week.

BONUS: There is even a more awesome final feature as they have a very generous affiliate program 👇.

Review of affiliate program. Why I decided to sign up

TLDR: Best affiliate program I found so far in the crypto sphere*

I just discovered this recently as I decided to list them on and it can be crazy lucrative.

They call it Salary 🤩 Salary

The idea is that for every new user you refer, every dollar he puts on the platform will be added to your raised capital and you will earn money from it in USD.

Let's do a bit of Math

  • You raise $1,000 😍 (I did this referring 2 people only)
    • $0.7 per day
    • $12 per month
    • $252 per year
  • You raise $10,000 💪 (should be 10 to 20 people)
    • $10 per day
    • $300 per month
    • $3,600 per year
  • You raise $100,000 🤩 (a lot harder, maybe 150 people?)
    • $150 per day
    • $4,500 per month
    • $54,000 per year

What I also like is that this affiliate program is not a ponzi pyramide, you get only salary from your direct affiliates.

I always feel suspicious when there are different levels of affiliation, and you should too!


Again, remember this is not a financial advice and you should always Do Your Own Research.

You should also invest only money you're willing to lose.

All things considered, I'm allocating a part of my savings to this strategy and with compounding on, can double my bet in 10 months only if everything goes as planned.

And it will be even more if you Join now and become my affiliate.

BUT I will also withdraw my earnings regularly to prevent a full loss in case things go south.


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