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What coins can you stake on KazakFarm?


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⚠️ Message on their Telegram 'The KazakFarm team decided to stop APR for a period. Afer 2 months we'll decide if we bring back APR.'

What is KazakFarm?

KazakFarm is a new platform for which we do not have a lot of feedback. It claims it can have staking rates double from other exchanges by mining cryptos from one of the cheapest place in the world when it comes to energy: Kazakstan

Should I stake on KazakFarm?

This exchange is a really recent one and, even though they provide the best rates on the market and it can be tempting, it still comes with a lot of risks. I've contacted them on their Telegram myself and they are really secret about what they're doing, so I do not have a lot more information than what they provide on their website.

So i suggest strongly that you Do Your Own Research and you don't put money you are afraid to lose in there.

I will update this description as soon as I find more information on them.

If you want a safer way to stake your stable coins, I suggest you stake your stable coins on midas