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⚠️ Midas stopped withdrawals.

Midas.Investments is a crypto-investment platform which provides staking masternode and passive income strategies onseveral coins, such as BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, and DeFi market. It offers a range many investment possibilities to earn dividends.

What is Midas all about?

Midas is clear about the fact that this is your money and will never prevent withdrawals. Nevertheless, they do not hold assets on withdrawals wallets, so it may take a little time to transfer them between strategies and wallets.

The current portfolio consists of liquid pools and algorithmic strategies that do not require locking. The only illiquid position in their portfolio is a Maven11 USDC pool on Maple finance, but it does not have more than a few percent allocations in it.

While the market suffers, their main priority is on the safety of funds. All positions that could be depeged (algo and synthetic stables and assets, like $stETH) have been exited. Yields are coming from low-risk defi, algo (which loves this type of market), and inner fees.

The $MIDAS token is building a new way of yield generation Trend algorithms are prepared to notify of the next opportunity for market reversal. It will open the next risk echelon of the strategies with a higher yield.

Midas long-term vision is to become the main #CeDeFi platform of the crypto market, and ultimately the biggest crypto-financial platform that generates wealth.