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MyCointainer is one of the most simple crypto wallets out there. Over 100 earning coins in one simple wallet. There’s no need to have a separate wallet for each coin. Automatic staking and shared masternode staking service.

Another interesting thing about MyCointainer is that they offer both the custodial and non custodial (also known the decentralized) forms of staking. The former type of staking comes with numerous benefits as their platform bears all the costs and disadvantages that comes with being a solo validator.

However, they believe in decentralization and offer cold staking services for users who wish to be their own validator. Cold staking/non-custodial staking/decentralized staking gives you total control over your funds when you delegate your coins to their validator from your own wallet.

MyCointainer will not have access to your funds or your rewards and it is just like being your own validator.