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What is ReHold and why should you trust it?

ReHold is a decentralized company that supports seven chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche and Base. Their code is open-source on GitHub, which ensures that the Dual Investment feature is secure and transparent. Users can invest any amount and receive their profit from the smart contract at the end of the staking period on a specific pool.

Also, they have been audited by Certik which is always very good for trust!

ReHold has been featured in major media outlets such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga, which have all published articles about the company. Interested parties can easily find these articles on Google to learn more about ReHold's staking capabilities.

Curious about ReHold's high APR? The company's secret lies in their liquidity provision strategy in CLMMs. By utilizing the concentrated liquidity feature, ReHold earns all the fees paid by users trading within a specific price range of the pool. With an innovative algorithm, ReHold is able to strategically choose the most lucrative price range to provide liquidity and maximize earnings. This means that investors can enjoy a high APR on their investments with ReHold.

Who are the founders of ReHold?

ReHold was founded by a team with very solid experience in building Fintech companies (previously have leadership positions in centralized & regulated crypto companies since 2017):