Swap TSLA and stake at 20%

Swap your coins for Tesla tokenized stock FTX and earn staking

Tesla tokenized stock FTX Tesla tokenized stock FTX

We've hand picked this awesome tool called Rango exchange to swap your TSLA.
It's very fast and also the cheapest we've found out there. And we use it ourselves often to swap our cryptos from one chain to another.
Swap on Rango Exchange

What is crypto swap?

Swapping in the context of cryptocurrencies means trading one coin or token for another like TSLA. Sounds straightforward, but with more than 1,500 different kinds of cryptos, things can become a little complicated.

How can you swap Tesla tokenized stock FTX?

This is in fact very easy to swap Tesla tokenized stock FTX thanks to our partner Rango exchange. No need for sign up or complicated process. Select your exchange pair in the above form, enter the recipient's TSLA address and it's done.


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